The Arms of Lopp

October 20, 2010 at 9:10 pm (geneaology) (, , , , )

See what other Lopps are saying!

‘Fringe’ Event: I’ve said it before and will do so again … We Are Legion!

Well, maybe not quite so many but Stanley caught the gist of it when he wrote:

“Joe bald, but his mother somewhat less so. And, this is the truly odd thing about them, they both resemble the late thespian Sydney Greenstreet (a.k.a. Kasper ‘The Fat Man’ Gutman), of Maltese Falcon fame, to a startling degree.”

And what do I find while watching an episode of the TV show Fringe? Why only THIS:

“Peter: Apparently Mr. Gordon thought he was the actor Sydney Greenstreet, and went around quoting Casablanca. That’s funny.
Olivia: What?
Peter: He looks a lot more like Peter Lorre. That’s a joke.”

Ha-Ha, good ol’ Lorre. At any rate, it is still an acquired taste, to be sure, nonetheless Check It Out for yourselves…

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On Gorey

October 6, 2010 at 3:36 pm (Art, drawing) (, , , , )

The Autumnal season is upon us once more, and this inevitably brings to mind one of my all-time favorite artists: Edward Gorey. It seems like forever and a day since his works have graced my correspondence, beginning with the All Hallows Eve celebration, someone always has me in mind for this time:

and continuing thru year’s end and the coming of the Yule and a new one:

Snow, ice, death and bizarre garden parties are the themes which come most to mind and which, oddly, others of my acquaintance seem to associate me with. Gorey and I, kindred spirits, I say … oh, and toss in a bit of Chas. Addams to top it off!

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