On Gorey

October 6, 2010 at 3:36 pm (Art, drawing) (, , , , )

The Autumnal season is upon us once more, and this inevitably brings to mind one of my all-time favorite artists: Edward Gorey. It seems like forever and a day since his works have graced my correspondence, beginning with the All Hallows Eve celebration, someone always has me in mind for this time:

and continuing thru year’s end and the coming of the Yule and a new one:

Snow, ice, death and bizarre garden parties are the themes which come most to mind and which, oddly, others of my acquaintance seem to associate me with. Gorey and I, kindred spirits, I say … oh, and toss in a bit of Chas. Addams to top it off!



  1. gegallas said,

    Hey there: Gorey is one of my all-time favorites too, so thanks for sharing!! 🙂 I thought you might be interested in my graphic novel “The Poet and the Flea” (Volume 1) about the poet-painter William Blake: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/868711984/the-poet-and-the-flea-ode-to-william-blake-volume Please check it out and help spread the word! Thank you so much! —G. E.

    • wailingminutiae said,

      Thanks so much! What an incredibly unique project–just love the visual arts. I’ll make your comment visible so others can find your ks link. Best Wishes ~JQL

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