Ye Olde Mystery Shoppe

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That was the name, in days of yore, when I had my full team around my person (and even though a ‘motley crew’, they were the tops), we were able to accomplish so much more. Some frivolous and rather pointless in a cul-de-sac manner, yet at the time quite fun and indeed different to scurry about these new paths — much as I would take this jaunt, now, down another lane of memory with you.

Some of these names will be new to you .. or perhaps not, you may have caught a gander of them listed here or there, but what they came up with was this (and keep in mind, please, these are only some fragments I happened across stored in nearly lost html files):

Heh: Queueworld – well that brings back the memories. For the record, Toole was my page (he may have served as clerk, but I think those were duties Stan ultimately took over), and WOW! Bethanny & Snarfles are flashes from the past, for sure…

I believe it was Messt, Toole’s comrade, who liked to use these ‘endorsements.’ Interesting ploy, never felt it particularly necessary myself. But to each their own wants…

Oh Dear, Gemini and its founders *sigh*, and here we were endorsing them .. even. I’ve a sample of their work above my desk even as I type this. Unfortunate what happened there…

And the Proclamation is set forth! Ha-ha, I’ve not a clue as to what we were proclaiming back then, support of something or other, but as I’ve said these files are fragmentary. At any rate, this was just a bit of a peek behind the curtains of my operations of Olde. Hope you enjoyed..


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