A Christmas Tale of the Mystery Shopper

December 17, 2011 at 1:33 am (Kindle) (, , , , )

Stanley, under his long used nom de plume M.F., has uploaded for your immediate perusal a holiday special: A Christmas Tale of the Mystery Shopper.


He tells me he has used one of my seasonal favorite tales I let loose with every Christmas Eve, though is withholding which one. It is for me to dig into and find out, he says.¬†And I shall! (Loves a secret almost as much as me, Heh.) Have it downloaded to my reader right now … I hope it’s the one where an injured Rudolph’s replacement for one season’s delivery schedule is none other than the be-knighted caribou, Ramtoule…

Of possible further interest: here are a couple of links to the two nemeses in this tale who have a habit of mixing it up at every get-together. I’ll need to find a new way to keep them separated, at some point. One that actually works! Anywho, you can view them in their natural habitats pursuing their hobbies/passions::

Uncle Mortimer Burnside Lopp(the original paleo, believe me, I’ve p/u some years myself, but not like uncle Mort(heh ;p)): http://paleo1969.newsvine.com/

Mounce Tibbly III: http://smooch16.deviantart.com/


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