Cartoon Caption Contest … Fie!

September 7, 2010 at 6:54 pm (humor) (, , , , )

Here is the cartoon, with my caption entry:

Now, honest question: would you prefer my entry to go along with the above cartoon, or these?

And this winner IS (for those not clicking, it is the first one). IDK, I just thought my entry was topical to today’s currents, witty (perhaps presumptuous on my part), and actually more germane to the visuals of the ‘toon pic. The other 3 dogs? Well, somewhat less so. Oh, granted, the winner isn’t entirely dregs, only somewhat.

I suppose now I can join Stanley in the miasma of self-pity that is dejection due to rejection … a big, hearty thumbs down, way down to the judging panel, interns all…!



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