Q Scores. Who needs ’em?

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Who’s got ’em? And most importantly, what do they mean for you?

Since their introduction in the early sixties, the Q’s (as they are known in the trade), have been instrumental in assigning value to brands, etc…(see link for full-on details).

Now, Q’s are not for everyone … sadly for them. Due to the ever increasing importance on account of proliferation of advertising (and I’ve seen this grow from the inside-out for decades), it is imperative to know where your brand, etc. stands on the totem pole of the world of perceptions.

Now, to those I’ve just referenced as it being ‘not for everyone’ (agents, marketing), there is a simple industry name for them =  Agent Spaz. So, in light of this.. don’t be a Spaz!

Well then, here I’ll post a sample Q report I’ve filled out just for the purposes of this exercise:

Now, if you look at the rating system, you’ll instantly notice I’ve made some modifications to their rather straight shot scale. I’ve always been of the mind that more variety not only brings more options, but (and this is most important) additionally, that is a good thing.

So, these additions I’ve devised through many years of trial and error, are as follow — and you can compare to the sample form to see how they have been applied:

<, > – a nose on a straight line, 1, 4, ex. indicates the company should turn the category one way or other – depending on direction.

🙂 – this is on an angle, but a right side up smiling face with both open eyes = good, a bit above what is allowed.

😉 – same, right side up winking smiley = c’mon, good but can do better.

😦 – same again, right side up both eyes open frowny face = unsavory business practices (of one type or another, usually specified in full report form, attached).

😦red frown, right side up, with both eyes wide and 2 horns above eyes = going out of business soon.

Red Star – single = hot merchandise or sales folk (further stars indicate same, but in multiplication, obviously).

Blue Star – lukewarm, heat it up!

Blue moon – crescent = soothing experience with product.

:-/ – right side up = WTF?

? – self explanatory.

Red Check – like #10 but w/ Oomph!

Red Pitchfork – abysmal.

Blue Halo – heavenly.

Gold Lightning Bolt – out of this world.

Incidentally folks, the very highest rating achievable under my enhanced system of ‘weights & measures’ is … yep, I’ll bet you’ve guessed it = the Q*bert. This is for those special, flawless experiences when such a brand/experience  has no peer.


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